[Taxacom] Replies Re: Economist leader addressed to taxonomists

Mary Barkworth Mary at biology.usu.edu
Thu May 24 06:27:18 CDT 2007

My suggestion: be more succinct. Look at the other posted letters.  I
subscribe to the magazine. One reason that I enjoy reading the letters
section is that those they select for printing are well written, to the
point, and short. I have not written because I do not write that well
and I have watched a lot of infra taxa be promoted (done it myself a few
times) with little, if any, explanation as to why.  The "what a
taxonomist says it is" approach has probably been around since taxonomy
has been practised. 
Is that huge number of different DNA strands that are hauled out of the
deep, sequenced, and called species  - without being named because there
is no knowledge of the organism they have come from (so far as I
understand it) -  included in current estimates of the number of
organisms around? 

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