[Taxacom] Replies Re: Economist leader addressed to taxonomists

Orrell, Thomas Orrellt at si.edu
Fri May 25 11:24:09 CDT 2007

Donat Agosti may have a been a little harsh in tarring ITIS, Species
2000 and ALL-Species with the same brush (Donat Agosti, Taxacom posting
24 May 2007.) 

Species 2000 and ITIS are not promising the world, but a practical index
of valid species and synonyms that is comprehensive and integrated.
Nothing more nothing less.  And yes we ARE successful (contrary to some
other efforts) as we have made steady progress in the past five years
creating a mechanism that is well anchored in the taxonomic community.
We recently launched the 'One Million Species Catalogue of Life' -
www.catalogueoflife.org - and this is widely used by portals and other
organizations world-wide. 

Donat Agosti is right in other aspects, especially where he points to
sharing data! 

Frank Bisby (Executive Director, Species 2000) and Thomas Orrell (Acting
Director, ITIS) 25 May 2007


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