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Jeremy Bruhl jbruhl at une.edu.au
Fri May 25 14:58:21 CDT 2007

Dear Richard and co.

Wouldn't it be better to fit somewhere between the extremes of "fact" and
"opinion", and consider species as hypotheses to both work with and test?

P.S. whatever happened to "Bulbine", "Baumea", "Exocarya" under the
Catelogue of Life? 

And, why is _Gahnia gahniiformis_ (Gaud.) Heller the accepted name
for synonyms _Machaerina gahniiformis_ (Gaud.) J. Kern and _Morelotia
gahniiformis_ Gaud., when all the evidence over the last 20 years clearly
indicates that Morelotia gahniiformis Gaud. is the most appropriate
hypothesis (i.e. Morelotia is a separate lineage to Gahnia)?


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