[Taxacom] ITS, Species 2000,[Scanned]

Mary Barkworth Mary at biology.usu.edu
Sun May 27 15:39:40 CDT 2007

Ok, so lots of the ground work exists.  I am glad.Rod, thank you for
providing links. Next thing is to make it so that people do know about
it and think to use it.  No good complaining about people not knowing,
ask why we do not - and how to correct that situation.    Seems to me
workshops, held in connection with regular annual meetings of different
groups, on how they are built used to everyone's benefit (including that
of the person using them) might be appropriate. And/or an online
tutorial - perhaps with some questions that have answers "in the back of
the book".  Could this become part of an set of organismal informatics
Then we can start asking our journals for permission to make available
publication information on names - with links to the online resource for
the whole journal if it is online.  I know - still not free access to
all the world's literature, but access to an important part. In some
respects, later works may be more important as they say why a taxon
should, or should not, be recognized. On free access, I do wonder just
exactly where the money tree that will pay the costs of organization and
editing and posting and hosting exists. For now, I just want to see what
we can do to get started - now. Any volunteers for creating that

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