[Taxacom] ITS, Species 2000,[Scanned]

Mary Barkworth Mary at biology.usu.edu
Sun May 27 18:39:15 CDT 2007

I do not know about others but I am, or have been, a member of TDWG.  I
suspect I need to pay up. I do pay some attention to what goes on;
obviously it is not my major interest. I do not expect you to attend
sessions on grass systematics but ultimately, it is such information
that we are talking about sharing. I spend minimal time attending
sessions where there are discussions about standards. So far as I can
see, most end up in finding there is need for further discussion. Almost
like taxonomy. Another point of reality - my institution, which is more
generous than some that I know of, contributes up to $500 per year for
conference attendance. This means being very choosey about the meetings
that I attend - the funding that I have had recently (for completing FNA
24) explicitly excluded travel.  

My comment about the tutorial and workshops was prompted by Rod's
comments that there are standards that can be used. If there are, then
surely someone could be a missionary on how ordinary taxonomists can
implement them, to the greater good of all? NBII had workshops on how to
get on to GBIF - and now more institutions are providing data (though
not nearly as many as might). I would prefer workshops at the meetings
that I attend for the systematicy stuff because that way I do not have
to dig so far into my pocket. My guess is that others are the same way.

Back to annotating. 

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