Gangolf Jobb gangolf at treefinder.de
Tue Nov 27 08:40:31 CST 2007

A new TREEFINDER version is online at:


TREEFINDER is a software to compute phylogenetic trees from molecular

New features are:

- improved tree search algorithm
- tree formats extended for edge length intervals
- consensus trees with edge length intervals
- easier divergence time intervals

There is now a second level of search depth, which is trying up to seven
times as many topological rearrangments as the old algorithm. Level 2 is
therefore more likely to find best tree, especially when trees are large
and likelihood surface is flat.

Please note that I am still not being paid for my work and that I had no
income for years. I wonder if somebody finds TREEFINDER worth offering me
a compensation, a wage, a position, a perspective.

Gangolf Jobb

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