[Taxacom] The Lacewing Digital Library: a new web resource for insects of the orders Neuroptera, Megaloptera and Raphidioptera

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Sat Nov 3 10:51:29 CDT 2007

In message <66b4b2a0711030817r17c0a084g1bdec45af8e59470 at mail.gmail.com>,
Pedro Onativia <pedro.onativia at gmail.com> writes

>The Lacewing site is very good.  Although I see the utility in proper
>web 'grammar,'  I firmly believe that the content being delivered is
>more important than the structure supporting it.  Good work!

Indeed, but the 'grammar' is *also* important, otherwise there is no
guarantee that the content will de delivered to the intended audience.

Andy Mabbett

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