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>I'd not heard of microformats yet, and it sounds both interesting and useful.

They are - and there are many millions of microformats already published
in the wild.

>I'm trying to figure out how this won't cause problems with the
>ambiguity of names between different projects, including things that
>aren't microformats at all.
>So one example on the wiki was:
>    <span class="species">
>        <span class="binominal">Larus glaucoides</span>
>        <span class="subsp">kumlieni</span>
>    </span>
>shouldn't the wrapping element be something like this:
>  <span class="microformat.species">
>or <span class="microformat"><span class="species">

The current draft uses:


as the parent wrapper, but the final result is more likely to be
something like "hbiota" (in keeping with hCard, hCalendar, and so on),
to avoid such ambiguity.

>Even better, I think some would argue this is a use for RDF or custom
>element names, as it would be briefer

>I don't really understand RDF, but from what I understand of it, it
>seems to me that it might be a more elegant and flexible solution than
>agnostic HTML elements with class names.

Microformats and RDF are not the same; though this isn't the place to go
into detail.

The model used in microformats, using HTML classes (and in some cases,
but not for species, 'rel' attributes) is already established.

Andy Mabbett

            *  Are you using Microformats, yet: <http://microformats.org/> ?

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