[Taxacom] Consider using the draft 'species' microformat...

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Mon Nov 5 07:09:15 CST 2007

On Mon, November 5, 2007 09:45, David Remsen wrote:

> It seems to me that the use of microformats in the context of this
> discussion are not incompatible with the taxon name recognition algorithms
> like TaxonGrab, FAT, or TaxonFinder (formerly FindIT). They are referring
> to very different concepts.


> I'm not clear on how
> tagging a canonical homonym using microformats disambiguates the usage but
> I assume it has been addressed.

It's been discussed, not least through allowing GUIDs such as LSIDs to be

> I would think the more relevant issue would be a discussion of the
> costs and benefits of using microformats vs a TDWG schema or whether these
> are even mutually exclusive in the first place and provide use cases of
> where one might be more effective, efficient or practical than the other.

They are not mutually exclusive. Among other benefits, microformats are
easily available to existing publishers and consumers, including taxonomic
lay people, with very little learning involved.

> Ultimately I don't believe people will utilize any
> of these if the only incentive is that they get to contribute to the
> development and solidification of an emerging standard.

It's far from the only incentive; its just that that's the immediate
benefit  of involvement during the period when the standard is being

>  Nor will they do
> it if the effort only serves the interests of someone else even if that
> effort is minimal.

I trust that they will bear in mind that doing so serves the interests of
their audience; and that in turn ins in their own interest.

>  They will do it when it's worth their while.
> Incentivizing these activities is what will make them
> happen.

Again, you're absolutely correct - but there is a chicken and egg (or
should that be "Gallus gallus and egg"?) situation. THE motre peopel
mpublish, the more ncentive their is for tailored parsers; the mroe
parsers, teh mroe ppel wil publish...

Andy Mabbett
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