[Taxacom] US Herbaria: Integrating herbaria: a couple of things to do.

Mary Barkworth Mary at biology.usu.edu
Fri Nov 9 16:09:03 CST 2007

Apologies for cross posting
There are web pages at http://utc.usu.edu/nimss/default.htm
<BLOCKED::http://utc.usu.edu/nimss/default.htm>  - with a few linked
pages - that will explain this project more fully.  Once again, I
encourage anyone associated with a US herbarium to sign up. It would be
an expression of support for the concept. It costs nothing - in return,
it carries no funding commitment other than funding a max of one person
per state to attend an annual meeting.  What you need to do is go to
http://nmss.umd.edu/ <BLOCKED::http://nmss.umd.edu/> , click on the
register icon, then register with the system. After that, you can
register as a participant. 
The first annual meeting will take place at Utah State University in
Logan, Utah, on March 19-20, specifically in the Eccles Conference
Center. A draft agenda is posted at http://utc.usu.edu/nimss/Agenda.htm
<BLOCKED::http://utc.usu.edu/nimss/Agenda.htm> .  This will undoubtedly
be modfied as time goes by, but it gives some idea of the topics that we
are planning to address.  We have reserved a block of rooms in the
University Inn (435-797-0017) and will also ararnge for a conference
rate at a downtown hotel that is close to the bus line that goes up to
the university. Subsequent meetings will be held in conjunction with the
ASPT meetings but we need to write a stunning report on progress in May
- so the first meeting will be in March. Anyone can come to the meeting
- it is up to the individual AES directors whom they sponsor from their
state. It is highly unlikely that there will be any other funding
A steering commitee is being developed
<BLOCKED::http://utc.usu.edu/nimss/Agenda.htm#steering> ).  Our
immediate goal is to identify 5-10 species that we might all focus on
entering into our databases. The goal is to be able to show how, by
integrating information from multiple sources we can come up with
better, documented maps than by any other means.  Of course, they are
also verifiable and correctable. We are looking for suggestions as to
species to start with.  Criteria are given at
<BLOCKED::http://utc.usu.edu/nimss/Starting.htm> . Send your suggestions
to me (mary at biology.usu.edu <BLOCKED::mailto:mary at biology.usu.edu> ) or
to this listserv. .   

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