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Hi Tati,
I guess these questions can be a matter of personal opinion and experience.
You should read the following article:
Haston, E.; Richardson, J. E.; Stevens, P. F.; Chase, M. W.; Harris, D. J. (2007). A linear sequence of Angiosperm Phylogeny Group II families. Taxon 56(1):7-12. 
It provides a well defined APG system for herbarium collections and is in application in Edinburgh as well as numerous other herbaria around the world.


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Dear Taxacomers

I'm organizing a botanical collection for local reference and I came across
an interesting issue. What classification system should I use? APG is in
constant move and seems to be not so practical to manage.

So I would like to ask, especially to curators:

What system do you apply in your collection?

Do you think that a collection should be organized in order to reflect a

Thanks in advance




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