[Taxacom] software recommendation please

B.J.Tindall bti at dsmz.de
Wed Nov 14 04:40:31 CST 2007

Try Bionumerics:
The company is based around ex-members of staff 
at the Laboratory of Microbiology, Gent, so they 
are fully familiar with the type of problem you 
are discussing here. The only "major" problem is 
trying to make sense of the clustering. This is 
an old problem and goes back to the use of such 
data in numerical taxonomic studies in the 1960's to 1980`s.
Best wishes

At 16:26 13.11.07, Soowon Cho wrote:
>Dear members,
>A friend of mine asked me about how to group his microorgarnisms based on
>certain reactions among each others, but I am not familiar with such.  He
>said his data is like the following:
>     A   B   C   D  .....
>A  0   1    0    1
>B  1   0    0    0
>C  0   1    0    1
>D  1   0    0    0
>For the above, A is responding to B and D only, B is responding to A only, C
>is responding to B and D only,.....etc.
>His data is with nearly a hundred OTUs and he wants to know which software
>is good to use for grouping them based on the result.
>My initial thought was about UPGMA or PCA, but I am not sure.  Could anyone
>tell me which method (software) is good to analyze this kind of data for
>grouping based on "similarity"(I guess)?
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