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Dear Taxacomers:

You can consult the new number (24) of Polibotánica 
(November 2007) in the next web pages:




With the next content:

Cytological and morpho-anatomical study of Atriplex lampa 
(Moq.) Gillies ex Small (Chenopodiaceae)
A comparative study of the Floras of China and Canada
Palinology of the genus Callicarpa L. (Lamiaceae: 
Viticoideaceae) in Cuba

Spongites yendoi (Foslie) Y. Chamberlain (Corallinales, 
Rhodophyta) in the Atlantic coast of Mexico and Mexican 

Vascular plants with ornamental potential use of the 
Queretaro state, Mexico

Vascular plants commercialized as december festivities 
ornamentals in 12 municipalities of Queretaro state, 

Development description of the gametophyte and first 
phases of the sporophyte of Polystichum ordinatum (Kunze) 
Liebm. (Dryopteridaceae-Pteridophyta)
Hymenochaetaceae family in Mexico III. The genus 
Aurificaria D. A. Reid

Distribution patterns and migration routes of the Sierra 
Maestra mosses, Cuba

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