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Job Advertisement
ICZN - the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature 

Vacancy for Executive Secretary 

Since its foundation in 1895, ICZN (www.iczn.org
url=http://www.iczn.org> ) has performed the essential service of
regulating the use of the scientific names of animals. In the 21st
century, ICZN's Mission is to bring sense, standards and stability to
the use of animal names in biology and related applications including
agriculture & horticulture, medical & veterinary studies, palaeontology,
biodiversity management, conservation, quarantine, trade in animals and
animal products (e.g. CITES) and other areas where the scientific names
of animals are crucial. We do this by publishing and continually
updating the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, now freely
available on the web (http://www.iczn.org/iczn/index.jsp
url=http://www.iczn.org/iczn/index.jsp> ) , and publishing the Bulletin
of Zoological Nomenclature - a journal dedicated to resolving matters of
nomenclatural uncertainty. 

ICZN's Executive Secretary heads a small secretariat (at present 5 full-
and part-time staff) based in the Natural History Museum (NHM), in South
Kensington, London, U.K. and is responsible to the President and
Commissioners of ICZN for processing applications to the Commission,
preparation and publication of the Opinions, maintaining the registers
of Names in Zoology affected by the Commission's formal decisions, and
other tasks including periodic revisions of the Code. Responding to
nomenclatural inquiries is an informal but vital task of the ICZN
secretariat, and fruitful interaction with the NHM's taxonomic and
library staff is an aspect of the work. A major duty of the incoming
Executive Secretary will be to continue the development of the ZooBank
names register (www.zoobank.org
url=http://www.zoobank.org> ; www.iczn.org/Nature_Commentary.pdf
url=http://www.iczn.org/Nature_Commentary.pdf> ). Liaison with
international organisations involved in zoology and bioinformatics (e.g.
GBIF, IUBS) will be important, and may involve attendance at
international meetings. Development of an international training
programme in zoological nomenclature has been recognised as a potential
complementary project. 

The International Trust for Zoological Nomenclature (ITZN), the
UK-registered charity that funds the work of ICZN, is co-located with
ICZN at the NHM office. The Executive Secretary of ICZN has parallel
responsibilities to the directors of ITZN for the activities of this
charity, both as line manager of ICZN staff and as a lead player in an
international fund-raising drive. 

The post is likely to suit a candidate with a PhD or a minimum of two
years' demonstrable research experience in zoology, palaeontology or
other subject related to animal taxonomy, together with a background of
team management and leadership capability. 

Useful further qualifications could include: editorial experience,
preferably with a biological journal; website development and other
aspects of IT; fund-raising; and teaching or development of training
programmes in biological subjects. 

Full- or part-time employment will be considered. A competitive salary,
based on experience, is offered. 

Please send a letter of application, CV and names of three referees by
30th November 2007 to: 

Dr Andrew Polaszek 
Executive Secretary, ICZN 
Natural History Museum 
London SW7 5BD UK 
iczn-ap at nhm.ac.uk <mailto:iczn-ap at nhm.ac.uk?subject=> 
iczn-ap at nhm.ac.uk
<mailto:iczn-ap at nhm.ac.uk?subject=Int%20Commission%20on%20Zoological%20N

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