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You've probably found out by now. Acronyms as in Index Herbariorum http://sweetgum.nybg.org/ih/ 

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Am 20.11.2007 um 20:19 schrieb Steve Boyd:

> Thanks.  I'll take a look at this after the Thanksgiving luncheon.
> Attached is a table with what I have so far on types from RSA-POM,  
> HNT,
> SBBG, SD, UCR, and UCSB.  The figures for us, UCR, and SD are pretty
> firm, those for HNT, SBBG, and UCSB are sketchier.  I've yet to hear
> back from them and with the exception of UCR, still need to ask about
> whether our partners have their types segregated or interfiled with
> their main holdings.  You might know the situation at SD.

Sorry guys, I tried hard, but, as a foreigner, couldn't translate  
this to me even with the help of a dictionary .No idea what all the  
acronyms are, or what types segregated or interfiled with their main  
holdings. The only thing I hopefully got right is that this was not  
meant for the general public, was it?


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