[Taxacom] Taxonomy and phylogeny of the cultivated Aloe

Heike Vibrans heike at colpos.mx
Mon Nov 26 14:46:06 CST 2007

Well, what we think is Aloe vera certainly occurs naturalized here in 
Mexico, and is included in Floras. I personally consider it is a 
rather invasive plant in arid regiones. It can cover whole hills 
around here en some areas. You can look at pictures of populations at 
the Weeds of Mexico website at 

Also, we have another redorange-flowered Aloe which is not quite as 
common, but also found in the wild, which I haven't identified yet. 
You can see pictures at 

If somebody out there knows what it is, a short e-mail to my address 
would be very much appreciated.



> (7) It seems generally agreed that Aloe vera is never found in the 
> (it is the only Aloe species not CITES-appendicized!). It is 
> usually not included in floras, not even in comprehensive ones like
>Flora of Egypt or Flora of Ethiopia. Are modern (newer than Reynolds
> 1950 and 1966) detailed descriptions of A. vera and other 
> important Aloes available anywhere?     
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