[Taxacom] Have you seen this pine sawfly?

Soowon Cho chosoowon at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 20:49:29 CST 2007

Dear members,

Does anyone know about this sawfly?  I am sure it is a member of
Diprionidae, somewhat similar to the European pine sawfly, but I cannot
identify it to species as it occurs for the first time in Korea. They feed
on Pinus koraiensis and Pinus strobus, and they are forming cocoons these
cold days (daily low temp reaching 0 degree in Celcius). To me, it is
strange as the European pine sawflis have one generation per year, and, if
not mistaken, they hybernate as eggs, but this species are now emerging and
we find a few last instars, mostly cocoons, and some adults in these days.
Is it possibly because they were just recently introduced to Korea this year
and their biological cycle is not yet settled down?
Please check the website to view the larva, cocoons, and adult:
(I have more pictures but I just didn't upload them.)


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