[Taxacom] Fw: Have you seen this pine sawfly?

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Hello Soowon,
As you can see, my riend Henri Goulet tells you that this is
a Diprion species, and that the larva is different from anything
in North America.  He suggests that you contact Dave R. Smith
of the USNM in Washington, DC.

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Dear Robin:

The adult is a Diprion. The larva does not fit our species. I know very
little about other Dirpion bilogy. I think that Cho should consult Dave
R. Smith in Washington (USNM) who knows the species from the region.


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I do not know if you receive TAXACOM.  If not, this may interest you.

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> Dear members,
> Does anyone know about this sawfly?  I am sure it is a member of
> Diprionidae, somewhat similar to the European pine sawfly, but I
> identify it to species as it occurs for the first time in Korea. They
> on Pinus koraiensis and Pinus strobus, and they are forming cocoons
> cold days (daily low temp reaching 0 degree in Celcius). To me, it is
> strange as the European pine sawflis have one generation per year,
and, if
> not mistaken, they hybernate as eggs, but this species are now
> and
> we find a few last instars, mostly cocoons, and some adults in these
> Is it possibly because they were just recently introduced to Korea
> year
> and their biological cycle is not yet settled down?
> Please check the website to view the larva, cocoons, and adult:
> http://web.chungbuk.ac.kr/~soowon/
> (I have more pictures but I just didn't upload them.)
> Sincerely,
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