[Taxacom] Chalcas Buquet vs Chalchas Blanchard vs Chalcas Fairmaire

Charles R Parker chuck_parker at usgs.gov
Wed Nov 28 13:20:25 CST 2007

On behalf of Adriean Mayor, please consider the following conundrum:

The name Chalcas Buquet appears in 1838 for several names, all nomina nuda 
attributed to Dejean. Blanchard in 1845 used the name Chalchas and lists 
the names attributed to Dejean. Fairmaire in 1847 used the name Chalcas 
and described several species. Most authors and recent catalogs have 
listed the name Chalcas with Blanchard 1845 as the author. It looks as 
though the correct name for the genus should be Chalcas Fairmaire 1847, 
and not Chalcas or Chalchas Blanchard 1845 or Chalcas Buquet 1838. Any 
comments would be appreciated.

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