[Taxacom] email adress of Dr. Rodham Tulloss

Andreas Gminder andreas at mollisia.de
Tue Oct 2 02:47:10 CDT 2007


sorry to bother the list with a private problem, but I have tried several
time the last month to send an email to Dr. Rodham Tulloss - always coming
back having "permanent fatal errors".
The adresses I tried are: retamanita [at] comcast.net and ret [at] njcc.com.

As I know, that Rod is subscribed to the list, so I please like to ask for a
working mail adress.

best regards to all,

Andreas Gminder
Dorfstr. 27
07751 Jenaprie├čnitz
http://www.pilzkurse.de - http://www.mollisia.de

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