[Taxacom] microRNAs and Brachiopoda relatives

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Mon Oct 8 22:14:08 CDT 2007

Hi Geoff,
     Halanych et al. (1995) originally proposed (and named) Lophotrochozoa 
as a supposed clade.  I was even less impressed with that, as it struck me 
that it just reflected plesiomorphic rRNA sequences from which Deuterostome 
sequences relatively quickly diverged.  Lophotrochozoa is still a 
paraphyletic mess in my opinion which is more harmful than helpful.

      Even more than the Platyzoa, I believe that Bryozoa is a key group 
that not only makes Lophotrochozoa paraphyletic, but perhaps even 
polyphyletic.  If any group needs to have its microRNAs sequenced, it is the 
relatively (molecularly) neglected Bryozoa.  Anyway, I'd give more credence 
to Nephrozoa being a clade than Lophotrochozoa.
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>Subject: Re: [Taxacom] microRNAs and Brachiopoda relatives
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>Ken Kinman wrote:
> >      Using the sequences of microRNAs to study the phylogeny of Metazoa
> > and Metaphyta is a relatively recent science.  I was just reading an
> > abstract to this month's GSA Conference that claims Brachiopoda and
> > Phoronida are members of Lophotrochosa (not Deuterostomia)
>They would be 12 years too late. But I have the impression they are more
>modestly announcing another strand of supporting evidence since:
>Halanych, K. M.; Bacheller, J. D.; Aguinaldo, A. M. A.; Liva, S. M.;
>Hillis, D. M. ; Lake, J. A. 1995:  Evidence from 18S ribosomal DNA that
>the lophophorates are protostome animals.  Science (Washington D C) 267:
>  > [...] I can't
> > say it is terribly impressive given the morphological data connecting
> > brachiopods and phoronids with deuterostomes.
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