[Taxacom] e-taxonomy postdoctoral position available

David Patterson dpatterson at mbl.edu
Wed Oct 10 22:59:46 CDT 2007

ICoMM postdoctoral position

The Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole is seeking 
applications for a taxonomist with interests in mobilised 
biodiversity information on the internet.  The person will 
join a dynamic and moderate sized group of biodiversity 
informaticians, and will be associated with a Census of 
Marine Life Project, the International Census of Marine 
Microbes, and with the Encyclopedia of Life project.

The position information  is available at


and any queries can be sent to me.

David Patterson

David J Patterson
Encyclopedia of Life
Marine Biological Laboratory
Woods Hole
Massachusetts 02543

Phone: 1 508-289-7260
FAX:   1 508-289-7198


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