[Taxacom] ecological-evolutionary PhD-position available at Leiden on introgression of transgenes in Wild carrot (Daucus carota)

Tamis, Wil Tamis at cml.leidenuniv.nl
Mon Oct 15 01:49:10 CDT 2007

1 PhD (F/M) (full time position, 4 years), vacancy reference number:
At the Institute of Environmental Sciences, Leiden University (CML)

The project:
Through outcrossing, genes from cultivars can be taken up by wild
relatives, a process called introgression. There is a growing economical
interest and environmental concern about the introgression of transgenes
into wild relatives. Estimates on the rate and probability of
introgression are therefore needed.
	Random events play a large role in the introgression process,
resulting in a large variation between genotypes of hybrids and their
reproductive success. Aim of the project is to develop an accurate
measure of the chance of the introgression of transgenes: the 'hazard
rate'. This measure will be calculated on the basis of mathematical
models. The parameters for these models will be estimated from
ecological experiments, field work and molecular analyses. The
cultivated carrot and its wild relative are chosen as model species for
this project.. 
	In the project you collaborate with mathematicians, ecologists
and molecular biologists. Within the program one mathematical PhD, one
ecological-evolutionary PhD and one molecular Post doc will be

Ecological-evolutionary PhD position
In this PhD project the short term fitness of crosses between wild and
cultivated carrots will be determined under varying environmental
conditions and selection pressures. The long term effects and gene flow
rates of introgression will be determined by field sampling of different
populations throughout the Netherlands, taking into account the
distribution of cultivated carrot fields and of wild carrots.  You will
be growing plants, make crosses, do fieldwork and will analyse your
material with modern molecular methods. You will work in a team with
others in the excellent scientific environment of Leiden university..
The candidate should have: 
- a degree in ecology, taxonomy, plant breeding or environmental
- basic knowledge of modern molecular techniques;
- "green fingers"
- affinity with GIS, database manipulations and internet applications;
- drivers license;
- sufficient fluency in writing and speaking English.

The salary in the first year is EUR 1956.00 gross per month increasing
to EUR2502.00 gross per month in the fourth year. The appointment is
temporal with duration of 4 years, and must be concluded with a PhD
thesis. After one year an assessment will be made of the project and the

For more information contact:
Dr. W.L.M. Tamis, email: tamis at cml.leidenuniv.nl, tel: +31 71-5275618
Dr. T.J. de Jong, email: t.j.de.jong at ibl.leidenuniv.n, tel: +31
Dr. P. Haccou, email:.p.haccou at ibl.leidenuniv.nl, tel: +31 7171-5274917.
For the ERGO program see: www.nwo.nl/nwohome.nsf/pages/NWOA_6JNP94_Eng 
The full text of this grant is available from our website:
http://biology.leidenuniv.nl/ibl/S11/docs/ERGOproject.pdf  (if not
available the full text can be sent by e-mail)

Applications with vacancy number on the letter and envelope can be sent
until 5 Novembre to: Faculty of Sciences, Leiden University, Dienst P&O,
Mrs. L. den Hollander, PO Box 9504, 2300 RA LEIDEN, The Netherlands,
e-mail: l.den.hollander at science.leidenuniv.nl 

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