[Taxacom] Maintaining records of natural history museum collections

Richard HARDWICK rch at skynet.be
Fri Oct 26 00:54:14 CDT 2007

I have just received my copy of Ferrantia vol 51.
(Ferrantia = les Travaux Scientifiques du Musée national
d'histoire naturelle de Luxembourg.)
This time all the papers are about development of, and/or
experience with, the database system 'Recorder'.
'Recorder' is "a comprehensive system for maintaining records of
natural history museum collections"
(http://www.recordersoftware.org/ see also

I have found that there are free downloads of Ferrantia at

That same url offers the printed version of Ferrantia, which is
much nicer, for only 10 euros. You get the pdf as well, on a
CDROM in the back of the book.

Richard Hardwick

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