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My website has a series of Oligochaets checklists in variety of formats
(word, excel, pdf, etc.) that may or may not be helpful to your task.
Chapter 47 is for all Scandinavian earthworms (original). 


Rob B

On 25 Oct 2007 at 21:08, David Remsen wrote:

> Dear Taxacomers,
> The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) is sponsoring the  
> development of a software tool for the provision of taxonomic  
> checklist data to the GBIF network.  This tool will work in a manner  
> akin to the current suite of tools that provide specimen collections  
> and observational data to the network.  This involves the download,  
> installation, and configuration of a tool that maps data from a local  
> checklist database to corresponding data elements that fit a  
> particular exchange standard, in this case the Taxon Concept Schema  
> (TCS).
> In order to better configure and test the tool, we would like to  
> evaluate it against actual data sets and this mail serves as a  
> solicitation for sample checklist data.  We would like to better  
> understand the ways individual datasets are formatted, and whether or  
> not we have correctly anticipated the various elements that would  
> compose a taxonomic or nomenclatural act.  These data are for testing  
> purposes only and will not be redistributed.
> Therefore, we are asking for samples of taxonomic checklist data.   
> The source database might be regional or global in scope.  We would  
> like to understand how issues of classification, synonymy, taxon name  
> and authorship, vernacular names, etc.  are treated and annotated  
> within source databases.
> If you are willing to provide some sample data, please send me a mail  
> with details about the dataset and a sample file (or files).  I will  
> document them and provide them to the tool developer for use in  
> testing the tool.  Also, please let me know if you would be willing  
> to test the tool itself when it is released in the coming weeks.
> A hearty thanks to all for reading and especially those who are  
> willing to participate.
> David Remsen
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