[Taxacom] Practical Taxon Concept Software

Roger Hyam roger at hyam.net
Sun Oct 28 15:52:05 CDT 2007


I'd be interested to know your requirements a little better. Why do  
you want to track the taxonomies? Are you creating a monograph or  
flora/fauna or do you need it to accurately integrate ecological or  
other studies?

The chances are you don't just want Taxon Concept software but want  
software to do something "useful" that just happens to handle Taxon  
Concepts data correctly.



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> Does anyone have experience of the practical use of software  
> supporting the
> creation and use of a database for recording multiple taxonomies,  
> i.e. taxon
> concepts, publication-based, etc.?  I've tried a few of the  
> examples that
> various people have built and made available for download but so  
> far I've
> not found anything that works sufficiently well (or at all,  
> sometimes) for
> practical use. Thanks.
> Anthony

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