[Taxacom] Practical Taxon Concept Software

Gael Lancelot lancelot at mnhn.fr
Mon Oct 29 03:41:57 CDT 2007


I'm writing in response to this email you sent to the Taxacom list. I  
wanted to let you know that the EDIT programme (European Distributed  
Institute of Taxonomy) is working on providing this kind of platforms  
for cybertaxonomy. I've CCed to this email the head of this particular  
Work Package, Prof. Walter Berendsohn (BGBM, Berlin), who can  
hopefully help you more with your enquiries.


Gaƫl Lancelot
Communication Officier
(0033)1 40 79 80 19

> Does anyone have experience of the practical use of software supporting the
> creation and use of a database for recording multiple taxonomies, i.e. taxon
> concepts, publication-based, etc.?  I've tried a few of the examples that
> various people have built and made available for download but so far I've
> not found anything that works sufficiently well (or at all, sometimes) for
> practical use. Thanks.
> Anthony

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