[Taxacom] Max Planck Society cancels 1,200 Springer journals

Donat Agosti agosti at amnh.org
Tue Oct 30 02:57:56 CDT 2007

> and not, instead, urge our 
> institutions to change their assessment? 

What do the "institutions" have to do with it?  If you mean in terms of
hiring staff, then again it comes back to the people who sit on hiring
committees (i.e., for the most part, us).

-> institutions have policies on how they hire people, and not just staff
who make decisions at will. Of course the members of the committees have
some say as well. But if all the citation figures point in the wrong
directions, then it is difficult to make a case.

But open access would also allow different metrices: For example the useage
of certain species, specimens, barcode in scientific and applied studies,
which can be measured if open access is reality.


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