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Here an OpEd by Ed Wilson in the New York Times on the EOL.


Though it is always good to be in the news, I think this is lame stuff. At
that point, either we go out and say, we have an EOL to the first million
species, or then we better be quiet. Ideas and hopes do not help to solve
problems, especially if we face increasingly threatening ones like the
production of bio-ethanol, palm oil which is destroying vast amounts of
areas rich in biodiversity.

An indicator of how important biodiversity is being taken by our elite is,
for example, the dismal support of one the large natural history museum, the
California Academy of Sciences, which struggles to keep its operation going,
despite really, really important research done in the field. And despite
having the now greening Silicon Valley nearby.

There are ways to be more efficient at very little cost.

. Open Access: Assure, that all the forthcoming taxonomic and ecological
literature is open access, either by the green or the gold road.
. Commit the publishers to insert taxonomic specific tags (such as provided
by taxonx the schema), so new names and descriptions can automatically be
. Support by our government of Name Registries for all the world orgasnisms,
such as IPNI and Zoobank.
. Provide targeted access to legacy publications, digitize and mark them up,
so that they can be harvested, their names, descriptions and distribution
records, and provide doi or handles for all of these records.
. Commit the members of the Conservation Commons to deliver: provide access
to their data.
. Bridge the gap between the conservation, industry and sytematics
community, so that a link between data exists.
. Implement the OECD guidelines to provide access to publicly funded
scientific data.

More detail is here


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