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One should never put off until tomorrow what one 
can do today. With a recent article in Science 
indicating that the genome of a prokaryote has 
been incoprorated into a eukaryote, the role of 
microbes on this planet takes on new dimensions. 
We see previously little appreciated diversity of 
major groups of prokaryotes in the oceans or in 
the soil. Some of the most basic mineral 
recycling is a task reserved for 
prokaryotes....etc. etc. In essence one could say 
that without the contribution of microroganisms 
this planet would grind to a standstill, and we 
still know precious little about their diversity, 
or what roles they play in maintaining ecosystems 
for the "bigger boys". Just a thought.....

At 12:15 07.09.07, Richard Pyle wrote:
>Fair point on most new species not being in Museums; but again, it's a
>start. Actually, I'm increasingly of the belief that "most" new species (by
>far) aren't even eukaryotes -- part of Wilson's reference to the "dark
>matter of the bisophere" -- but that's a discussion for another thread, on
>another day.

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