[Taxacom] eol in NYT [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Jim Croft jrc at anbg.gov.au
Fri Sep 7 09:21:00 CDT 2007

> I've argued these, and other points before -- and most of them boil down to
> streamlining the taxonomic process.

I think this is where the greatest benefit is going to be had.  If we can
not achieve our result more efficiently, more effectively, we will never
get anywhere near All Species or EoL's ambitious goals.

We are part of a consortium that has received several million dollars to
establish what we have termed a 'taxonomy hub'.  The overall objective is
to increase taxonomic capacity in Australia through a number of PhDs,
Postdocs for early careeer scientists and an attempt to use new
information management technologies to improve the process, output and
products of taxonomy.  Shaking the tree of tradition is going to be part
of this.  It could get ugly... :)

And we will not be telling you about our pages and stuff until we
have had our arguments, buried our mistakes, and there is something
usa ble worth looking at...  :)


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