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So support NCU, get rid of the need to revisit old literature (I  
think one perhaps paradoxical result [unless we are careful] of some  
of the informatics and literature imaging push may be to make even  
more garbage accessible, and give us less guidance how to deal with  
it); standardize botanical terms; standardise classifications; make  
the process of distinguishing species less a matter of opinion;  
moratorium on changes to the code (other than NCU and web  
publication, etc: see also below); web publication; interactive keys;  
etc....  But nothing that some  wine or beer appropriately applied  
will not be able to achieve.


Did you know that as a result of changes made to the code at the last  
congress there is apparently an earlier name than Chloridoideae.  I  
googled it, got one hit (where it was recently resuscitated), I think  
30-40,000 for Chloridoideae...

On Sep 7, 2007, at 9:21 AM, Jim Croft wrote:

>> I've argued these, and other points before -- and most of them  
>> boil down to
>> streamlining the taxonomic process.
> I think this is where the greatest benefit is going to be had.  If  
> we can
> not achieve our result more efficiently, more effectively, we will  
> never
> get anywhere near All Species or EoL's ambitious goals.
> We are part of a consortium that has received several million  
> dollars to
> establish what we have termed a 'taxonomy hub'.  The overall  
> objective is
> to increase taxonomic capacity in Australia through a number of PhDs,
> Postdocs for early careeer scientists and an attempt to use new
> information management technologies to improve the process, output and
> products of taxonomy.  Shaking the tree of tradition is going to be  
> part
> of this.  It could get ugly... :)
> And we will not be telling you about our pages and stuff until we
> have had our arguments, buried our mistakes, and there is something
> usa ble worth looking at...  :)
> jim
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