[Taxacom] seed plant phylogeny for students

Peter Stevens peter.stevens at mobot.org
Sun Sep 9 16:36:34 CDT 2007

i have put up a complete seed plant phylogeny - mostly apomorphies  
only - on /APweb/ that is aimed more specifically at undergrad/grad  
students.  the intro. is rather like that to the whole site, but I  
have rearranged, simplified, and added for the rest - the whole lot  
sits on four pages - see "STUDENTS" button.  Accessing the main pages  
from this section should be simple.  OF COURSE there is tons more to  
do (but the whole thing has been quite a bit of work - it was  
initially designed to be for my course this last term....), and the  
two essays are still pretty juvenile, but the information that I am  
trying to include with each family is of the kind that I hope some  
students, at least, might find fun.  Some of the trees in this  
section (and in the main pages) are out of date and I am in the  
middle of incorporating quite a mass of new literature.


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