[Taxacom] The everpresent evolution-creation debate--again...

Luis A. Ruedas ruedas at pdx.edu
Mon Sep 10 15:20:23 CDT 2007


The graduate students at my institution have created an online petition 
to reclassify non-science books from science categories in bookstores 
and libraries. To quote from the first paragraph of their petition:

"As scientists, we feel strongly that categorizing Intelligent Design 
(“ID”) as science is both inappropriate and misleading. Local bookstores 
and libraries unintentionally exacerbate this misleading categorization 
when they shelve ID books and legitimate science texts in the same 
section . Our goal is to convince the U.S. Library of Congress to 
re-classify ID books into sections other than the science section."

If this is something about which you feel strongly (or even are 
lukewarm!), I urge you to support their petition. Check URL: 


Luis A. Ruedas
Associate Professor, Department of Biology
Director, Museum of Vertebrate Biology
Portland State University

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