[Taxacom] Nordic J. Bot. - reappearence and call for ms

Torbjörn Tyler Torbjorn.Tyler at sysbot.lu.se
Tue Sep 11 01:22:11 CDT 2007

Dear colleagues,

Owing to a series of unfortunate coincidences, Nordic Journal of Botany 
has not appeared regularly the last years. However, now this period has 
come to an end. The journal has been completely restructured with a new 
editorial office (Oikos, see www.oikos.ekol.lu.se), a new Editor in Chief (me), 
a new publisher (Blackwell Munksgaard) and partly new subject editors. The first issue 
for 2007 is now under production and will get a new layout and a new attractive front cover.

Nord. J. Bot. will soon have a new web site (under construction) with on-line-early access
 where manuscript will be made avialable on the web before being published. 
Taking advantadge of modern tools for manuscript handeling, we aim at shortening the time
 from submission to paper-publication as much as possible.

However, there should be six issues in each volume of Nordic Journal 
Botany and it is my conviction that we should manage with this also for 
2007. This means that high-quality manuscripts that are submitted to us 
now will be handled with extraordinary speed and may appear in print 
already during this year! I guess you do not want to miss this unique 

Manuscripts should be submitted as attached files in standard electronic 
formats to the managing editor <njb at ekol.lu.se>. (Detailed instructions to
authors are not available yet, but will follow international standards for scientific

In a Linnean tradition, Nordic Journal of Botany will publish original 
contributions of relevance to the botanical biodiversity on earth. All 
aspects of the taxonomy, evolution, conservation and biogeography of 
plants (including algae and bryophytes) and fungi may be treated. 
Contributions devoted to systematics (including phylogenetics, genetic 
variation within and among taxa, nomenclature and descriptions and 
revisions of taxa), biogeography, conservation biology and recent 
changes and threats to botanical diversity are welcomed. In addition, 
manuscripts on macro- and micro-morphology, cytology, reproductive 
biology and ecophysiology are welcomed provided that the findings are 
presented in a taxonomic, evolutionary or biogeographical context. 
Authors are invited to submit manuscripts on original research within 
these fields as well as essays on recent developments in botany.

Torbjörn Tyler


Torbjörn Tyler, Ph.D, 

- Editor in Chief of Nordic Journal of Botany.
- Deputy secretary of Lund Botanical Society, with special responsibility for Projekt Skånes Mossor.
- Responsible for the project The Hieracia of Sweden.

Department of Ecology
Plant Ecology and Systematics
Ecology Building					
Sölvegatan 37			
SE-223 62 Lund	

OR (address for Hieracium herbarium specimen and all mail concerning Lund Botanical Society / Projekt Skånes Mossor): 

Botanical Museum
Ö. Vallgatan 18
SE-223 61 Lund

tel. +(0)46-222 89 78

e-mail: torbjorn.tyler at ekol.lu.se

Private address: Bredgatan 12B, SE-243 32 Höör (=Hoeoer), tel. +(0)413-23123.

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