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Tue Sep 11 20:13:53 CDT 2007

     As senior author, I would have thought Poinar would have insisted that 
it be deposited in a public institution (like Oregon State University which 
houses the Poinar Amber Collection).  I wonder if Poinar was even aware of 
it being put up on EBAY (he no doubt knows by now!).  The British 
Mycological Society will no doubt be furious.  If the picture on EBAY is of 
something else, I suspect they will suspend the auction anyway, and that Mr. 
Buckley is going to a lot of flack over it from both EBAY and the scientific 

Karl Magnacca wrote:

>The citation is Poinar, G.O., and R. Buckley. Evidence of mycoparasitism
>and hypermycoparasitism in Early Cretaceous amber. Mycological Research
>111(4):503-506 (I'll send you the pdf off-list).  It says the type was
>deposited in the "Ron Buckley amber collection, Florence, Kentucky".
>Unless there's something in the code that requires it to be in a publicly
>accessible collection, I guess that means he can do whatever he wants with
>Given that a) the name is misspelled: it's actually Entropezites patricii;
>b) the journal is Mycological Research, not Entomological Research
>Magazine; and c) the mushroom in the picture is Palaeoagaracites antiquus,
>E. patricii is only represented by very small hyphae, it sounds
>*extremely* fishy to me.  Just the fact that they're getting amber from
>Burma/Myanmar at all is a little suspicious.  Poinar and Buckley have
>described several other old things in amber, including an ancient soldier
>beetle just a couple of weeks ago, as described here:
>http://tinyurl.com/2bzhyd.  But neither is a mycologist (Poinar is a
>nematologist and Buckley is a nurse, both interested in amber), and there
>are no mycologists on the paper (though two are mentioned in the
>acknowledgements as helping with IDs).
>Karl Magnacca, UC-Berkeley
>ESPM Dept., 137 Mulford Hall #3114

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