[Taxacom] holotype for sale

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Unfortunately E-Bay does not care.  I often write about mollusks and books 
that are misrepresented.  Sometimes the listers will make changes but often 
they do not.

Incidentally, the earlier posts show the opening bid with a period (not a 
decimal) in the middle making it appear to be an error for $ 100.00.  The 
opening bid I saw is $ 100,000.00.  If there are any bidders, I have a lot 
of stuff to offer them!


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>     As senior author, I would have thought Poinar would have insisted that
> it be deposited in a public institution (like Oregon State University 
> which
> houses the Poinar Amber Collection).  I wonder if Poinar was even aware of
> it being put up on EBAY (he no doubt knows by now!).  The British
> Mycological Society will no doubt be furious.  If the picture on EBAY is 
> of
> something else, I suspect they will suspend the auction anyway, and that 
> Mr.
> Buckley is going to a lot of flack over it from both EBAY and the 
> scientific
> community.
>  -----Ken

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