[Taxacom] holotype for sale

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     This is even more outrageous that I first thought.  All three specimens 
in this fossil are apparently not only new species, but new genera.  You 
would get three holotypes in one.  I'd be tempted pay $100 myself just to 
get such a specimen to a public institution, but I get the impression EBAY 
expects a minimum bid of $100,000.  Besides, I don't understand why Buckley 
would advertize the specimen under the name of the hyperparasite (spelled 
correctly or not) rather than the mushroom anyway.

     I truly find it hard to believe that Poinar had any part in this 
attempted sale.  The whole thing sort of reminds me of the Keystone cops.  
It would actually be funny if it weren't so ridiculous.
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>Unfortunately E-Bay does not care.  I often write about mollusks and books 
>that are misrepresented.  Sometimes the listers will make changes but often 
>they do not.
>Incidentally, the earlier posts show the opening bid with a period (not a 
>decimal) in the middle making it appear to be an error for $ 100.00.  The 
>opening bid I saw is $ 100,000.00.  If there are any bidders, I have a lot 
>of stuff to offer them!
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>>     As senior author, I would have thought Poinar would have insisted 
>>it be deposited in a public institution (like Oregon State University 
>>houses the Poinar Amber Collection).  I wonder if Poinar was even aware of
>>it being put up on EBAY (he no doubt knows by now!).  The British
>>Mycological Society will no doubt be furious.  If the picture on EBAY is 
>>something else, I suspect they will suspend the auction anyway, and that 
>>Buckley is going to a lot of flack over it from both EBAY and the 
>>  -----Ken

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