[Taxacom] holotype for sale

Neal Evenhuis neale at bishopmuseum.org
Tue Sep 11 21:27:22 CDT 2007

At 2:20 AM +0000 9/12/07, Ken Kinman wrote:
>      This is even more outrageous that I first thought.  All three specimens
>in this fossil are apparently not only new species, but new genera.  You
>would get three holotypes in one.  I'd be tempted pay $100 myself just to
>get such a specimen to a public institution, but I get the impression EBAY
>expects a minimum bid of $100,000.  Besides, I don't understand why Buckley
>would advertize the specimen under the name of the hyperparasite (spelled
>correctly or not) rather than the mushroom anyway.
>      I truly find it hard to believe that Poinar had any part in this
>attempted sale.  The whole thing sort of reminds me of the Keystone cops.
>It would actually be funny if it weren't so ridiculous.

So, the chances seem extremely remote that someone will bid $100,000 
for a mushroom and two other tiny organisms, thus the fossil remains 
with Buckley. However (and not necessarily condoning this, but call 
me curious) ...

... if someone is willing to actually bid the $100,000 (or more) and 
Buckley gives that $$ to further taxonomy somewhere (although from 
the tone of this discussion I think most of us are assuming he'd keep 
the money to further his nursing profession, buy some really cool 
photographic equipment, or buy more amber), would we quibble??


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