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One of the advantages of being able to have types 
that can be stored in such a way that they can be 
re-grown is that one can send out "bits" of the 
same type all over the world, without ever having 
to loose the type material in the original 
location. In such cases having potentialy viable 
types has it's advantages. Given various problems 
over the past decades the Bacteriological Code 
now has the deposit of type material covered by 
Rules rather than recommendations and we will 
probably be tightening them up to try to ensure 
that type material is always available.


At 08:58 12.09.07, Paul van Rijckevorsel wrote:
>From: "Yves Samyn" <yves.samyn at naturalsciences.be>
>- codes of nomenclature do not mind on where exactly types are
>deposited; as long as they are accessible to the (scientific) public
>for further study.
>The botanical Code does not require even that: it is a recommendation only
>(Rec. 7A).
>For recent names there is a requirement to specify where the type is
>conserved (Art 37.7; was St. Louis 37.6):
>37.7.  For the name of a new species or infraspecific taxon published on or
>after 1 January 1990 of which the type is a specimen or unpublished illus-
>tration, the single herbarium or collection or institution in which the type
>is conserved must be specified.
>So, that leaves the question if the
>"Ron Buckley amber collection, Florence, Kentucky" can be considered
>"the single ... collection ... in which the type is conserved"
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