[Taxacom] holotype for sale

Paul van Rijckevorsel dipteryx at freeler.nl
Wed Sep 12 04:44:42 CDT 2007

From: "B.J.Tindall" <bti at dsmz.de>
... Given various problems
over the past decades the Bacteriological Code
now has the deposit of type material covered by
Rules rather than recommendations and we will
probably be tightening them up to try to ensure
that type material is always available.

Yes, we are all jealous of the Bacteriological Code, with the exception that
there is no book to contain the entire current Bacteriological Code.

In the botanical Code there is no true requirement for a type to exist.
There is nothing in the Code to prevent an author from self-publishing a
book (with ISBN) describing several new species, of which the types are 
deposited in a private, non-accessible collection. If a few years before the 
author's death there is a fire, reducing the collection to ashes, it will 
never be entirely certain if the types really existed.

This is unfortunate. However, it is difficult to regulate for this without
stifling plant taxonomy.

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