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The last published version of the Bacteriological 
Code was published in 1992, but it has been updated regularly since then.
The original publication can be found here:
All updates are published in the IJSB/IJSEM 
http://ijs.sgmjournals.org/ (usually in a 4, but 
more recently 3 year cycle after every IUMS congress)
and an overview of the changes up to and 
including the 2002 IUMS congress can be found here:




At 21:23 12.09.07, you wrote:
>Dear friends,
>I am looking for the last International Codes of 
>Bacteria, Virus, and the Zoological Code.
>Which were the last codes? When were they 
>published? Is it possible to get them online?
>Any information will be very welcome.
>Thanks in advance,
>Prof.Dr. Vítor Fernandes Oliveira de Miranda
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