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The ancient Greek 'p[h]axis' where '[h]' stands for the aspirated  
Greek 'p' (to support a hoarse pronunciation) is no longer present in  
the modern Greek 'paxis' and hence the different latinized  
orthographies rhachis vs rachis (spine, back, edge).
Both are apparently common in botanical Latin, according to Stearn,  
and both are grammatically correct (ancient vs modern usage).

'P[h]axis' or 'paxis', genitive 'p[h]ax-i(e)os', is declined  
similarly as opsis (ops-eos), and hopefully none will propose  
anything else for r(h)achis claiming botanical tradition.

On 12 sep 2007, at 21.41, john.steel at botany.otago.ac.nz wrote:

> I have been asked for an explanation for the use of 'rachis' v.  
> 'rhachis'.  Stace uses
> 'rhachis', but I seldom see it spelled this way today.  Does anyone  
> have an explanation
> for this difference?  Thanks for any help.
> John Steel.
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