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Piotr Naskrecki pluviasilva at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 11:22:56 CDT 2007

Donat Agosti wrote:

 [...]Since Conservaton International is member of the Conservation Commons,
I also wonder, what CI is doing to provide open access to not only the
publication, but the entire data collected during this and in fact all of
their expedition. A benchmark we actually could measure is when such CI data
is accessible through GBIF.[...]

All data collected by CI during its surveys is, and has always been,
publicly, freely accessible, both as formatted reports, which can be
downloaded as PDFs
in_hi_userid=122818&cached=true>, and as "raw" data
<>, which also can be downloaded as data files.
Now it is up to GBIF to make a link to these data.

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