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Always does not exist. When (exact date) has this been made accessible. 

Why it is it, that this data has "always" been accessible through Harvard,
and not CI? Why do you use not even a CI name, but as a is the root of the data you say was always

Where is a link on CI to this database?

Why does the way back machine at archive.org not show any trace of the Site
you cite? http://web.archive.org/web/*/
Conservation.org latest entry is Jul 08

GBIF and others are not made to access pdfs, but you can communicate using a
digir or Tapir protocol. And the database you have does not allow to do
this. An institution like yours could use this to become a real player in
the global biodiversity community.


Donat Agosti wrote:

 [...]Since Conservaton International is member of the Conservation Commons,
I also wonder, what CI is doing to provide open access to not only the
publication, but the entire data collected during this and in fact all of
their expedition. A benchmark we actually could measure is when such CI data
is accessible through GBIF.[...]

All data collected by CI during its surveys is, and has always been,
publicly, freely accessible, both as formatted reports, which can be
downloaded as PDFs
in_hi_userid=122818&cached=true>, and as "raw" data
<>, which also can be downloaded as data files.
Now it is up to GBIF to make a link to these data.

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