[Taxacom] free utility for DNA sequence deconvolution

Dmitry Dmitriev dmitriev at inhs.uiuc.edu
Tue Aug 5 12:35:01 CDT 2008

A new free Web utility, Indelligent 
(http://ctap.inhs.uiuc.edu/dmitriev/indel.asp), may be of interest 
for Taxacom members who work with nuclear sequences, particularly 
introns. When one of the two diploid alleles contains a deletion, direct 
sequencing produces a convoluted chromatogram containing multiple double 
(superimposed) peaks. The new tool reconstructs both allelic sequences 
and the indel, which will often help avoid the cost of separating 
alleles via cloning. A pdf of the paper is available at 
Your comments are welcome.

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