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Nikolaj Scharff NScharff at snm.ku.dk
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In this week of Nature we are announcing a number of postdoctoral positions within eight different research themes (see text below). 





University of Copenhagen

Programme of Excellence in 'Macroecology and Evolution'


Postdoctoral positions in Macroecology, Biogeography, Evolution, Ancient DNA, Geology, and Human Diseases



A number of positions are available within a cross-disciplinary research program aiming at 'explaining distribution of life on Earth'. Candidates should have a strong publication record, relevant analytical and data handling skills, and an ability to communicate within a research team. Competitive salary offered.


Full description and more details on the individual postdoctoral positions within eight themes are given at www.bio.ku.dk/om/jobs/ Applications must be based on the full description of the positions and submitted before Wednesday 1 October 2008. For enquiry about the program please contact Professor Carsten Rahbek, Center for Macroecology and Evolution, Dept. of Biology, University of Copenhagen, crahbek at bio.ku.dk


The Programme of Excellence in 'Macroecology and Evolution' includes research groups at the Department of Biology (PIs Carsten Rahbek, Eske Willerslev), the Natural History Museum of Denmark (PIs Jon Fjeldså, Minik Rosing, Nikolaj Scharff), and the Department of Veterinary Pathobiology (PI Thomas Kristensen), several NSF-funded research centers, and an international network of partners.




More information and more detailed descriptions of the research-themes can be found at: http://www1.bio.ku.dk/om/jobs/macroecology/ <http://www1.bio.ku.dk/om/jobs/macroecology/> 


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