[Taxacom] Brazilian spider needs ID

Steve Lingafelter steve.lingafelter at ars.usda.gov
Sat Aug 23 09:07:48 CDT 2008

That's a beauty.  Looks like a salticid abdomen on a tarantula.

--Steve (I-used-to-know-my-spiders) Lingafelter
Steven W. Lingafelter, Ph. D.
Systematic Entomology Lab, PSI, ARS, USDA
National Museum of Natural History, MRC-168
P O Box 37012
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On 8/23/08 9:36 AM, "Alex Popovkin" <popovkin at gmail.com> wrote:

> Could anyone please ID this spider from the restinga area of Bahia, Brazil (
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/plants_of_russian_in_brazil/2788769787/)?
> Thanks.

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