[Taxacom] Brazilian spider needs ID (Lina Almeida)

Rogerio Bertani rbert at butantan.gov.br
Mon Aug 25 15:15:35 CDT 2008

Yes, Typhochlaena is in the synonymic list under Iridopelma. But, as I 
already explained to Alex,
I will revalidate it ASAP in a revision in course.

Dr. Rogerio Bertani
Instituto Butantan

Lina Almeida escreveu:
> Hi!
> This spider belongs to the subfamily Aviculariinae, the species is *Iridopelma
> seladonium*
> Take a look to the synonymic list from Platnick's Catalog
> **
> *Iridopelma seladonium* (C. L. Koch, 1841)....................Brazil
> [urn:lsid:amnh.org:spidersp:002156]
> *Mygale seladonia* C. L. Koch, 1841a: 39, f. 716 (D*f*).
> *Typhochlaena seladonia* C. L. Koch, 1850: 75.
> *Avicularia seladonia* Simon, 1892a: 171 (in part).
> *Typhochlaena seladonia* Mello-Leitão, 1923a: 335, f. 191-193 (D*m*).
> *I. seladonia* Smith, 1993b: 15 (T*m**f* from *Avicularia*).
> Best Wishes
> Lina

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