[Taxacom] Molecular data and synapomorphies

Alan DAvid Forrest aforrest at rjb.csic.es
Thu Dec 4 01:01:08 CST 2008

Karl Magnacca escribió:

Lines separated by semicolons and begin/end around blocks is too
complex???  Seriously, Nexus is about as simple as you can get.  What on
earth are you expecting to find?

Agrred - the sequence format itself is not overly complex! - but the 
additional format often necessary for particular softwares can be. I 
guess it is what you are used to that shapes your preferences. I have 
often been asked to assist in formatting data for a particular pop 
genetics software package, which I have no problems with because I have 
used it a lot and know the pitfalls.
Remember, bioinformatics expertise across evolutioanry and systematic 
science is very varied - as evidenced by this discussion, and for boith 
individuals and institutes - and I am sure ranges from individuals who 
can program their PCs to autoformat almost anything to people who are 
still inputting data into text editors by hand. Bioinformatics is 
perhaps not recognised as a useful tool when we are training the next 
generation of scientists - and it should be.

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